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Occupational Therapist Yellow Springs OH evaluate and treat individuals with illnesses, injuries, cognitive impairments, psychosocial dysfunctions, mental illness, developmental or learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or other special needs or conditions. Evaluation and Intervention focuses on an individual’s level of function and involves assessment of performance areas, performance components, and performance contexts. Intervention involves the use of purposeful activity for developing, improving, sustaining or restoring function in performance areas, including, but not limited to, daily living skills, work performance, educational performance skills, and leisure skills. The performance components (sensorimotor, cognitive, psychosocial and psychological) are the elements of performance in which Occupational Therapists intervene for the purpose of attaining an individual’s highest level of functional independence. 

Occupational therapy allows people across the lifespan to do the activities they want and need to do. An occupational therapist will evaluate your situation and, with input from you (and perhaps your family, care provider, or friend), develop individualized goals that allow you to resume or pursue your valued occupations. After you develop goals with your occupational therapist, you will work together on a specific intervention plan to help improve or maintain your ability to perform daily activities and reach your goals of getting back to your life. 

The services of an Occupational Therapist also include the design, development, adaptation, application, or training in the use of assistive technology devices; the design, fabrication, or application of orthotic devices; training in the use of orthotic devices; the application of physical agent modalities; and the adaptation of environments and processes to enhance functional performance.

Occupational Therapy for young children refers to a form of treatment that will enhance their fine motor skills and control of the smaller muscles of their body. This includes muscles of the arms and hands needed for reaching, grasping, and holding objects. It also involves muscles of the face and mouth that are important for chewing, swallowing, and maintaining lip closure. In addition to improving control of particular muscles, an Occupational Therapist is concerned with improving the way different muscles work together, such as hand-eye coordination. 

Occupational therapist

The Purposes of Occupational Therapy

 The main purposes of occupational therapy are 

(1) to help clients learn or relearn activities they want and need to master for the conduct of their daily lives,
(2) to help clients adapt to their disability so as to develop effective occupational performance, 
(3) to help clients by providing environmental adaptations that facilitate increased participation in social life, 
(4) to ensure that clients are occupied in ways that promote feelings of recovery and 
(5) to work to prevent disease and trauma and thus promote health and wellness.

Some types of Occupational Therapy can be useful to children who are overly sensitive to touch or whose touch perceptions appear distorted. These children often experience difficulty interpreting information received through their senses, and benefit from a form of Occupational Therapy called sensory integration. Like the Physical Therapist, the Occupational Therapist Huber Heights OH will want to work closely with the parents, teaching them how to incorporate exercises into daily routines. The Occupational Therapist also can advise parents on the use of special equipment and the application and use of hand splints and other types of bracing devices. Many Occupational Therapists have been trained to construct hand and arm splints.

Questions to ask an Occupational Therapist Centerville OH:

a. How much direct help does my child really need?
b. Is their equipment to help my child manage more tasks on his or her own?
c. Can my home be made safer and more convenient for my child and possibly a caregiver?
d. How can daily life in my home better meet the needs of all family members?
e. How can the caregiver find assistance for an individual who cannot be left alone in the home?
f. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants assist with evaluating and treating individuals with illnesses, injuries, cognitive impairments, psychosocial dysfunctions, mental illness, developmental or learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or other special needs or conditions. They can perform the tasks of the Occupational Therapist under their supervision. 

Occupational Therapy – primarily concerned with the practical activities of your life. The Occupational Therapist will condition and train your child to optimize self-care and ability to work and perform typical daily tasks such as:

1. Grooming
2. Bathing
3. Dressing
4. Feeding
5. Housekeeping
6. Use of automated environmental controls 

Who Are Occupational Therapist Huber Heights OH?

Occupational therapy practitioners are either occupational therapists or occupational therapy assistants. They are skilled healthcare professionals who use research and scientific evidence to ensure their interventions are effective. With strong knowledge of a person’s psychological, physical, emotional, and social makeup, occupational therapy practitioners can evaluate how your condition (or risk for one) is affecting your body and mind, using a holistic perspective. Occupational therapy practitioners can widen their focus to groups or communities, too, developing and implementing programs that promote healthy behaviors or address particular issues such as older driving, community transitions for returning soldiers, homelessness, troubled youth, mental health, and addictions.

Where one can get occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy practitioners work in a variety of settings—including hospitals, schools, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, community centers, and healthcare facilities, and they can even come to your home.

How One Can Schedule an Occupational Therapy Visit?

Ask your physician for a referral for occupational therapy services, or look for a private practice in your community. You can also talk to your child’s teacher about occupational therapy services at school. 


In conclusion, occupational Therapies of street simple therapy is a valuable form of treatment for individuals with various needs or conditions. It focuses on evaluating and improving an individual’s ability to perform daily activities and reach their goals using purposeful activities, environmental adaptations, and assistive technology devices. Occupational therapy practitioners in street simple therapy are skilled healthcare professionals, including occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants, who work closely with clients to enhance their functional independence and promote health and wellness. Visit our website to know more about our services.

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